September 30th, 2001


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Ah, Saturday night is alright..
I did it! I finally made it through the entire dubed episodes of Bubblegum Crisis 2040. Was it really 8 weeks? I have to strain to remember what the first episodes of BC were, cause, I, being a nice guy ( translation, idiot!!!) loaned my entire first set of BC to a friend who wanted his younger brother to become introduced to anime. Bubblegum Crisis seems a strange series to present the best of Anime, but then again, he works just to buy DVD's of anime, all of them. He's the one who loaned me Trunks, mysterious younth vhs dubed tapes, I enjoyed watching DB without editing, or at least any editing that I was aware of. I think I'm going to buy this live journal thing. pretty good thing.
So, now the Action channel will go back to showing ninja scroll, patlabor ect ect.
Of all the anime titles out there, why can't one of these channels take a chance and put on a new, daring anime. one which isn't edited?? If they want to edit something, edit the evening news. That could use it.
lets see, heavy metal 2000, yeah, I'll watch that. or just Heavy metal. I actually paid to see that when it was a first run, in a theater which had a huge screen and sound system. was good.
see you tomorrow. oh, I mowed by neighbors lawn this afternoon and also cut mine.
nice day to do the mowing.
Saw happyfits' photo of his vehical and grampma. wow, I bet she can handle that car too! LOL.
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