September 28th, 2001

Geneshalf all anim

Hi, I'm your friend,,,,,trust me!

oh boy. I just discovered I did a no no. I gave a friend a copy of windows 98SE, cause I knew he was broke and couldn't afford to buy a copy. What the hey! Well, Mister Bonehead called tonight, it seems hes going to install the system on his wifes computer. Yeah, the wife who works 6 days a week, who bough a camper, a house and new car. But she can't afford a whole 125 bucks. These are my friends. What is wrong with them!!! I love to be helpful, but lately I've been thinking I must have a WELCOME sign sewed on my head, cause I sure feel like a floor mat!
Otherwise, I'm ok, still no new puter, and I just heard AMD layed off 2300 folks and closed 2 plants. They can lay off 2300 folks, but they can't close 2 plants!! They don't have a large enough supply and no deep pockets. yuckie.

Well, today is Friday. YEah. That means the weekend. .....
dramatic pause...."Now what??"
ok, see you later.
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