September 26th, 2001

windows xp autumn

peace and quiet.....ah...

Ah ha. Today was special. nobody barged in the front door and slammed it shut again. Nobody yelled " get up". ah.. restful day. But Mister Arthritis stopped by and over stayed his welcome. yuck. I hate hurting. But it isn't as bad as many folks have it. the " it " is ankylosing sponodylitis. Ok, arthritis of the spine. But after 20 years or so, they, the medical profession discovered they had it all wrong ( now why doesn't that surprise me??) It is a disease of connecting tissues, bone involvement is secondary or tersiary .
Why am I writing all this nonsense down? Because I'm trying to decide whether or not to create the AS web site. I'll be putting money into it, and will have to do the whole page by my self. 150 bucks to start it off isn't chicken feed.
Nuts, first things first. I have to put the new computer together first, then I can worry about that. now off to bed. Lets see....maybe I'll dream I'm Master Roshi and am walking Bulma around the island. Yeah right, and I'm a mongolian jet pilot.
night. and welcome dragonpearl. I like your attitude!
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