August 24th, 2001

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Ah....A beautiful day...
I did nothing today. Yup. It felt good too! I read a little of my new motherboards manual, wrote some programing stuff for the controller. I bet the people will be amazed. We just exceeded the rest of the controllers around here.
Ah, basting in the warm sunshine....some bad news. We have this huge Hotel downtown, and it has been turned into a Hotel for folks who do not have a lot of money and the old and ill.. Where Mister big shot owner decided to sell it. He just gave the entire hotel guests 30 days in which to leave. Ah...the great god money. It can do almost anything, right??
If I had the money myself, I'd buy it for the folks living there and make them a gift of it. Then I'd pack up and move north. away from all the folks around here.
Another friend called: one more of my pals is dying of cancer. that's about 3 just this year, and my arthritis is going absolutely bonkers.
I think I'm getting down and depressed.I'd better leave and try and go to sleep.
Maybe I can dream of Little Goku riding a cloud...amazing...
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