August 22nd, 2001

windows xp autumn

Is everybody getting sick, or is it just me?

I haven't read of so many people feeling ill, or just strange. "Whats going on here?" My brother came home from work last week and got sick upstairs. His buddy Kelly has been sick for the last few days. Yuck! It is way too early to be coming down with anything. Nature should save sickness for when there is a Dragonball festival on CTN or you just get a new game for your puter or PS.
Yogi and I watched "The Body" tonight on PPV. Pretty good movie. It dealt ( not a spoiler) with faith, pure and simple. Sure got one thinking just how much faith one has and if it will see one through bad as well as good times.
now as to why I name my computers Zero. When I was attending college, our professor of statistics told us how he and two other students calculated a mathematical series, using a hand crank calculator. This was for his Ph.D. and it took over summers to complete. 20 years later, he walked into the computer center and had our mainframe ( a beautiful Honeywell) perform the same calculation in under 10 ns! The professor was so amazed by the speed of this machine, he named it, " Zero" cause that was the only thing it couldn't do, divide by zero.
Now aren't you glad you stayed up for that?
Well, ok. maybe,if your good, I'll kiss and tell?
Red Skelton, where are you when I need you? ( the whole country for that matter!)
I guess my break is over. back to programing this controller. I'm getting to hate repeaters!
Nighty and bye bye, tootles too!
Rich and yogi, the wonder samoyed.
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