August 21st, 2001

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Blue Monday....
ah, what a day. It was beautiful. Sunny, bright and just wonderful late summer day. I called the DirecTV people and told them of my problem: the receiver seemed to be locked out of showing the picture. They thought they had turned it off due to lack of payment. I told them, nope, Na Da, not today! So, I reset it and presto, it is working. Just in time too. Dragonball did show tonight. Here, everybody seemed to be convinced that CNT wouldn't show it till later this month or next, when the newly dubbed series retirees. Wow, now I know why I watch Dragonball and put up with all that nonsense in AFD. But the FAQ thingie seemed to be nicer. Now if only people would stop calling each other ass holes........
I'm starting to get the hang of this LIVE JOURNAL THING. ( Why am I using capitals??( Why is there air???
oh well. I'll have to wait and see if the rest of Dragonball is like todays episode. Wow, it is a greater series than I thought. It wasn't just a flash in the pan type of show. Gargoyles is a good example. They start with really a great idea, then turn it all into a cash cow by flooring the market with " Action Figures " and other stuff. The story line seems to go to heck in mean time. But not for Dragonball. at least for everything but the fillers ( stuff not in the Manga).
Ok, now back to planing my new and vastly improved 'puter'.
see ya, bye bye
also, tootles.
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