Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"The stage will be a little more quiet . Beverly Sills passed away.

I was just looking at music over at BMG, and when I got back to my start up page, here was Ms. Sill's obituary. I believe she was 78.

first off, I could have slept in, but woke up at 8AM.. You idiot. I had a few things to get from the store, like kitty litter and stuff to make soup. yeahs. I'm going to try my hand at chicken noodle soup. yummy. I hope.
My pals came over and we had our usual argument over buying only stuff made in america. I asked them to list what they thought was still made in this country, and they couldn't list one thing, except food. I'm sure there exist stuff made here, but think about it. Then, they turned to Japanese bashing. boy oh boy. I sure pick them. I told them, perhaps it would be better if a country with a 400 year existence might attempt to learn from a country which has a 7000 year old culture. Nope.
well, I did my dirty work tonight. I went upstairs and brough down my brother's CD collection. Wow. memories memories. Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Sibelius, Phillip Glass, talking heads. I could only listen and miss him.
Tomorrow , I plan on trying to get a hair cut. I've been thinking about having a white stripe put in it, but I'll check with my barber first.

well, I guess thats enough for Monday.


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