Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" A nice, beautiful Summer Sunday afternoo."

I'm just finishing up my laundry and watching the last few episodes of "Fist of the North Star". So while I watch Jugi and Ken fight it out, with exploding heads and all, I decided to give my hand a try at creating a meme. Here goes. excuse the silliness of it.

1. If I were an Anime: I'd be In Gene Starwinds world of Outlaw star. But
.Hack sign would be a nice visit too.

2. If I were to go to school again: I would be in Azu Mana's Daioh's
school. Now that would be one great fun school
to go to. But don't pet the cats.

3. If I were to be a song: I'd be Alice Cooper's Elected. It's got a real
Rock beat to it and I love the lyrics. Give a
listen if you can. My second choice was George
Harrison's All Things Must Pass Album. the whole

4.If were color: The coolest color made, Green. Actually, Banana
green. I had my bedroom painted with that and it
was cool.

5. If I were an actor: this is too easy. Richard Burton. Him on a stage
performing Equus, wow.

6. If I were an Opera: There is only one that still brings tears to my
eyes, the 1964 performence of Richard Wagners's
Tristan and Isode. If anyone wants to know what
longing can sound like performed by an orch.

7. If I were an actress: Don't step on my train, you idiot. oops. I mean
Hilary Swank is one of many,many gals who just
ooze talent.

8. If I were an Anime Movie: this is simple, what I watch at least four times
each year, Patlabor 1 and 2, the movies. It is
so great to see a story come to life on the
screen and do a better job with animation than
they could with live action.

9. If I had a girlfriend: Oh boy.. she would freely show her emotions any
time and not be affraid to do so. she would like
to be with me, but knows she also has a life of
her own, to do with as she sees fit.

10. if I had a boyfriend: We're certainly going deep today, arent' we.
I'd like someone I could bare my soul with,
without worrying about what other people thought.
it would be nice to relate to many things, but
not all the times.

11.If I could change one thing about the world: I try and get all of the
countries in the world to join together to solve
the worlds problems, without losing their
cultural identity.

ok, I said it was slow Sunday, didn't I.

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