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The best of both worlds man......

I'm now officially off of Blood pressure medicine. ( I wonder what unofficially would mean??) The $110.00 bill I got from the Dr., for his whopping 6 minute visit didn't have a thing to do with it. Neither did the fact that he used to have 2 other MD's with him, and 2 PA.s They're all gone. ( I wonder if they're off BP meds too?)
So now, I've successfully, ( If I do say so myself, and I just did- don't you just hate a smart ass!) installed Windows XP Home. My god, I'm becoming a legend in my own mind.
Ok, now wait till I fall off the ceiling.
1. I may be off BP meds, but I still have a "little" weight to take off since I've become healthy, thanks to stop smoking. ( a little is 92 pounds!).
2. My mouse disappears on me and freezes the stupid "puter" up so all I can do is reset the stupid thing. remember, this was suppose to be a very simple upgrading of my system. "the simple just cost me a total $1000.00 and the mouse doesn't work.
That was the message I got when I inquired on a newsgroup on to fix the stupid mouse..... And these folks were supposed to be MVP of Microsoft...
Ok, I'll be back. oh, did I say I kind of like XP. it has a wonderfully smooth feeling to it.
ok, have a great beginning of May.

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