Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

strange day

I went to our Ham Radio club's Field Day, and had fun, but also soothed some ruffled feathers. Doesn't seem possible for a group of people to get together without some strong personality types positioning themselves as head of all.

Good Grief..
There. Now I feel better.

It was hot out in the field and there still was activety on the short wave bands. I've got to get back on. I miss ham radio. its a whole different world, one of adventure, awe and meeting new friends. We actually worked Iceland. cool.
I got home and found my neighbor busy at work sawing some tree limbs that were laying on his roof. He was using a saw attached to a pole that was hitched to a rope. Good grief.
It took them a whole hour to saw the limbs. when they left, I got out my 56 year old saw and cut them up within 20minutes. They dont make saws like they used to.
I walked into my house and found Karl S. sitting in my chair. I must start locking my front door. We talked about politics and he left. Then I thought I'd end up the day by ordering wall plaques for 5 people. No luck. the power went out in the northend. seems a squirrel got where he shouldn't have been and shorted out a transformer.

My sunday ended just a while ago when scooter the cat jumped into my lap and went to sleep. ah...

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