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Another Dr. visit. yuke. I hate Dr.s!!

I called my dr.s nurse on Monday to tell them the stupid blood pressure mediscion made me cry every 24 hours, and then the bottom fell out( really black depression- God, that felt awful). Well, she called me back Tuesday ( good thing it wasn't an emergency huh) and said, " Oh, you've got to come in". Now usuually, this means waiting for about 2 hours, being ushered into a really cramped examining room, followed by another wait for half an hour. Well, today everything was cut in two. Except his exam. He walked in, looked at my BP, it was normal. 123/83 AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!
Ok, so he takes me off the BP medicion and has me make an appointment for next month. OK. I take a cab home and then look at his bill. $110.00!! I'm going to look into a mirror now and see exactly where the stupid "SUCKER" sticker is located.
Good news, finally bought my final computer components. yeah. maybe over this weekend. That would be nice.

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