Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A hard day.

I woke up and felt this was going to be a difficult day to get through.

Wednesday is trash day, which means I get to clean out the kitty litter box. Is this anything like raising kids and changing diapers? I digress. That means I have to go upstairs and go into my brothers room. I, along with a bunch of his friends, don't seem able to visit his room for very long. all those memories seem to come flooding back, begging to be dealt with. Thats nice, but life goes on and I have to clean up his stuff some time. My hard part is seeing all the things I have given him over the years. like the first Christmas he was back, I bough him a Grundig portable shortwave radio. The books, DVD's ( Fawty towers), music, its all there and with it, all of the memories associated with each thing. I keep thinking, I better leave the stuff there, he'll be upset if I move anything..... I said, this was going to be a tough day. Theres a lot of feelings tied up between us.

Then tonight, I had the club meeting. I'm the big shot president and it seems like everybody is tired and don't want to do anything.

Then tonight, my buddy brough over a huge bucket of strawberries and Turkey soup. The kindness of friends..

So this afternoon, feeling like yuck, I went to the religious store and bough a 7 day candle. Maybe that will help.

Now the weekend up fast approaching...

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