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Thats right. step right up and look at MISTER POTATO head. "Guess who ordered Windows XP". Ah...Should I blame this on the flu??? Sure would be easy, cause common sense tells me I will not like this WPA. I add way too much junk to my "puter". But, after 6 years, being turned on 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, my old AMD K-6 166 MHz is tired. I'm going to put it out to pasture with some old and damaged diodes, transistors and maybe even a IC Chip. Boy, am I sentimental or what.
I find this building a new computer takes my mind away from all the shit I have in my life right now. It actually feels like everybody I know has turned their back on me. Gosh, after years of letting folks walk all over me, I decided to 1. Stand up for my rights. 2. use all that neat clinical psy stuff I learned in college. ( that really scares some of my friends- now why is that? I wouldn't intentionally hurt anybody??)
oh well. I still love them all, ouch.
oh, my "puter"? it's an AMD Athelon XP 1500 on a Tyan motherboard with 256 megs of sdram. Actually, this is a brand new system build on really old parts that I paid good money for. Now I ask you, does that make any sense?
ok, its off to bed for me. Now listen all of you who read this and have been treated very poorly by your dear friends: I have never met you, and yet your very special to me. I value your experience, your feedback ( especiall bad- it helps to correct the stuff that doesn't work), and YOU.
Nuts to the rest.
nighty. Maybe I'll dream of a red haired gal, with...never mind. In dreams only reality is real.

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