Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" A perfect crappy way to start the week off."

First, scooter the kat is meowing and wants to rub noses with me. we do that for a few minutes and then he leans against me so I hug him. ok so far. more nose to nose and then a little hug and out comes the nails. I bleed like a stuck pig! it hurt too. so my Monday morning started out like crap.

My pal Bob comes over and he is having back muscle spasms. bad. he can hardly walk, but denial works wonders. So, we sit and have coffee while I pay the telephone bill using that god awful voice recognition system AT&T uses. I didn't quite hear that..did you mean..... So while I'm speaking slower than a herd of speeding turtles, trying to give my account number to this stupid system, Bob decides this would be a great time to let me hear his golden voice. yes, he starts to sing, which, is loud enought to actually interfear with the stupid AT&T voice system. Realizing I'm getting no place in a hurry, I hang up. So I start to pay my bills the old fashion way, write them out. Now I realize I have to 1. order more checks 2. get postage stamps. remember, this is only Monday.
I also look and discover Scooter the kat has stuck me so many times this last month, I'm out of bandaids. great. here I go to Walgreens and buy the Godzilla size bandaids.

Calgon, take me away...or get me so drunk I don't give a ....

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