Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Another great Late July day in May?"

89' on May 30th. its ok, I'm glad winter and March's drabness is gone, but wow, if I wanted this kind of heat, I'm move next to the lost Lurker! ( how does he exist in all that heat and humidity?) Now I admit, I used to work in a building that was insulated and my station was 8 feet from a boiler. ouch! but I sweated and drank oodles of coffee and water. felt great. Go home, take a COLD shower and sit in front of my little Montgomery Wards AC unit and ah....I was in heaven. I would also relax so much, I often fell right asleep.
but now I'm older, and AC is ok on really hot days, but I really wish I didn't need to use it. I like fall and winter better.
ah..getting old. Hey, maybe thats why they call me ancientone???

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