Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Fun playing in the dirt"

I offered to edge my neighbors sidewalk and driveway. yeahs. I also offered to do my next door neighbors. I did this last year and was thinking it would be a nice thing to do, seeing how they both have lost their best friend and chat mate. Well, grass grows, and so does the weeds. I swear it took just under 3 hours to do just part of her drive. back again tomorrow. but this time I'll do my next door neighbors too.
I called the SBC people, and first, I got a gal in India. I asked her about how long it will take to receive my new DSL modem. She said 7 to 10 weeks. Oh. Golly. they must be hand making this baby from trips to the Radio shack store!
I didn't think that was right, so I called again and this time, after that terrible voice un-recognition system, I got me a live person. It took her 15 minutes to find out it was 7 days to 10 days. thats better. but this dial up is killing. even my bank is throwing me off....

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