Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" A sad, tearful, but beautiful Saturday afternoon...."

But, I spent most of it sitting in a truck while my pal justified his driving to himself. He is diabetic, and his feet are losing thier feeling. Think about this the next time you use the pedals for gas or stoping. scary. My friend brough me oodles of food from a new program called Angel Hair??? it costs $25 and you get at least $80 worth of food. Pretty good stuff too. 90% was meat. I would have prefered vegies, but hey, take what you can get. Most of my friends are going to sign up for this program. We're hurting over here in Michigan. I have to wait till Thursday before I can get my DSL modem. yuck. But if it lasts 5 years like the last one did, it'll be ok. I wish my computer would have lasted that long. ( design life)
Tomorrow I'm going to clean off the front porch. It is still terribly painful looking around here expecting my brother to walk out and say "He'll do that". But all of our friends seem to be feeling the same way.
I'll be back before next month.

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