Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" It's FRIDAY THE 13th, you know what that means?? Thats right..."

Tomorrow will be Saturday the 14th? (Remember that dog of a movie?)
I just got a notice that the DVD "Godzilla Raids Again" has been shipped. Yeah! About time too. I saw that movie when it first came out. COOl. There's something about seeing two full grown men fight in rubber monster suits???? ok, hmmmmmmm.
well, it is cool.
Just think, I saw all three movies when they first came out: Godzilla, Rodan & Godzilla Raids Again. My age is showing. I remember us kids used to talk up the next horror,monster movie all week long, while walking to school. It was great. Except for the girls. They thought we boys were all idiots. I think the best was Rodan. We rode in my mom's 1952 chevy and saw the movie at a drive in. We then went to a Drive-through restaurant and got hamburgs and malts. I still remember that night. I squealed with delight over that night.
I wish I still had nights like that. bummer...

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