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Ah, HOLY WEEK.......

Well, this week is very special to me, since I've become a catholic. I'm sad, happy and totally amazed all at the same time. It gets me breathless when I think of all that happened 2000 years ago.
So, how do my friends act on this HOLY occasion? My neighbor drove me to the Dr.'s office to change medication and she told me she didn't know why I was going to get a dog: I didn't walk the one I just put to sleep and I didn't play with him! A solid punch to my tummy couldn't have had a greater effect than her words. I just let her go on.....
Then my pal called me during dinner Wednesday night to say either I take his two dogs in my house, or he's going to have them put down! I know, this is a test from GOD, right?
Yupe, Holy week.
People can truly be such jerks!

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