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A bad day, made worse....
Gee, how do I get such friends as these? This is the second day my one "pal" walked into the house, and slammed the front door, so as to wake me up. "this is really old and I was hoping he would respect my need for privacy." Oh well, friends come and go, some are keepers and others.....
I may have the new computer up and testing by this time this evening. I need 3 more 128 meg modules and a nice gamer video card and hard drive. Gee, why don't I just build a new "puter"? I am.
I love doing this. it is a challenge to build a computer from scratch and see it really have oodles of muscle. who knows, I might even actually get Windows XP. I just wish the WPA thing wasn't there. don't get me wrong, I think Microsoft should do whatever it takes to prevent piracy. but come on, this is going the wrong direction and it will hurt a lot of innocent folks, just you watch and see.
Enough, now It's time to wish Happyfit Happy Birthday. today is the really big day.
He can drive now.
Be safe Happyfit, be safe.

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