Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Well, a little work never hurt anybody....."

I thought it was about time to take advantage of this 74 degree weather and rake up the branches and leaves from last fall. Actually, it looked for all the world like somebody threw a grenade into the tree tops and it went off! I spent more time picking up branches than raking. This was stuff my brother would have done, and cheerfully too. So, maned with a snow shovel, a large push broom and rake, I went to town. It wasn't too bad, except for the sticks all over the place. I filled our yard waste container and will have to wait till next week to finish. I was super careful about raking over my brothers' planted flowers. He did like to plant nice flowers. Me? weeds are nice too. But got it all done within about 1 1/2 hour when my buddy showed up to have coffee with me. usually, he'd show up around 1pm, not 4pm. I was out of milk! I had a glass last night and actually started to get an allergic reaction to it. so, I threw it out and today, before I finished raking, I had to go to the store and buy some more milk. I did get super pissed off when I thought I'd try bottled water. The brand I picked out had an expiration date of 3/18/2007. The clerk said she would get me a newer bottle. no luck, they were all expired. Something to think about. How long was the bottled water sitting in the cooler???
but, its done and now I'm ready to try and fix the new, as of yet, worked computer I got last November. yeah....

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