Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

What my brother and I did as kids...

I got thinking about what we loved to do as kids, and the one thing that stood the test of time was being scared by a good horror/sci-fi movie. The good thing was that were able to view all of these flicks on either at a drive in theater or the large movie houses of old. gads, they were great for viewing.
Now, if you'd like, go list 10 or so movies that scared you silly when you were a kid.

1. X- the Unknown 1958

2.the Day the Earth stood sill 1951

3.The Hideous Sun Demon 1959

4. The Unknown land 1959

5. The Monolith Monsters 1957

6. 20 Million Miles to earth 1957

7. Forbidden Planet 1956

8. first man in outer space 1959

9. kronos 1953

10. Godzilla, King of the monsters 1956.

11. Rodan 1957

12. Lost continent 1951

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