Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"A quiet, reflective, valentines kisses or chocolate..."

I had an interesting meeting tonight: I'm the "BIG SHOT" president, yet this one loud mouth, rude individual, decided he was going to run the meeting. what an ass! I had several choices to deal with this, and decided to let him speak his mind. I couldn't believe he didn't notice the expressions on the faces of the other members. sad. so very sad. But, I didn't lose my temper, I didn't get in his face, but I did point out that there does indeed exist a formula for proceding through the meeting.  He didn't like that.  Later, at the restaurant, he was very quiet.  I hope this was a I'm ashamed of myself quiet, but don't know.  people!
Good news: No, I didn't get a hug or kisses...( heck, I didn't even get chocolate,bummer) my Ram finally, after almost 4 weeks, arrived. yea.  now later today I'll plug them in.   please, say a little prayer that they work this time...I really don't want to RMA the stupid mobo.....

ok, happy thursday.

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