Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Well...wasn't that special......"

Lets see. order parts for new computer on November 12, 2006.  They arrive within 7 days. yea...  but it won't fire. I've had this problem before. incompatible memory modules. so I then spend about 3 weeks trying everything i know of, and still, no operational computer. the only thing left is either send the ram back ( this is what i suppect is bad) or the mother board. could be, but not likely.  So I get a RMA from Corsair ram and they receive it on January 11, 2007. today is February 13, 2007. they haven't sent my replacement ram yet. so, I'm going to call them right now and this is how the call will go..

1. talk with person at the RMA
2. hold on, I'll check.
3. they have a problem.
4. oh, ok. I'll correct the mistake 
5 and send the ram out today.

yea. right?  wrong! I've heard that same stuff for over 2 weeks. ( I'm patience, maybe too patience.)
well, here goes.


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