Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" Well....Golly. Now Call for Help is leaving us too!"

Why is it, that people who are responsible for cable programming never seem to have a clue what the heck people are watching?? What, do they all watch American Idiot and think thats what the whole country is like? Now, The Tech TV, the older ZTV, show, Call for Help is physically moving and changing its' name. " The Lab"??.
and of course, they're going to change the personal to reflect the new theme of the show. Perhaps, they will have some babe with measurements of 54-31-34 wearing a lab coat, holding up a " Whats-a-ma-callit". Oh the horror..........

oh, strangly enought, I've been from a lot of people that Windows Vista is basically, a $200.00 patch for Windows XP???? hmmmmm

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