Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Windows Vista....."

I just watched the launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007 ( after I just bought office 2003 two years ago!). It's not what they say it can do that gets me to scratch my head, its what they didn't say. vista is supposed to be a totally written from the ground up operating system. So how come they just talked about digital photos and music?? What about the 64 bit feature? The included backup system that uses CD or DVD? I know they didn't include the shiny new file system they promised, but that can wait. But the biggest surprise was seeing the CEO of AMD and the head of sales for intel in the same room together. Almost better than that show 24.
I've just finished doing the laundry. yeah. oh boy. now I have other things to do yet, like a writing assignment. should be fun.
ok, back to thinking about writing.
now, I'm watching "Cure". Good flick.

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