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Happy Saint Patricks Day Lads and Lasses...

Well shore and begoren. ( whatever that means?) It's the day when everybody becomes Irish. Ah, well not everyone.
We had beef with cabbage. Yum! And, I got to stay up late, ( cause I said so!!) and watched "The Train!" with Burt Lancaster. Wow, what a great flick. 1.2.3..."They don't make movies like that anymore.!"
Well, I just wasted 8 blank CD's only to discover that now my CD-R/RW burner is toast ( see happy Fits article about the history of toast-it's interesting).
So, if things work our right, I'll be able to get my new mobo ( short word for Mother board) next week. It comes with a 24 hour guarantee. WOW. Amazing, itsn't it.
I did a no no: I got done doing the dishes, and went to the back door to let in Yogi.. He's the dog I put to sleep back in January. Some habits take so very long to get over. I miss him. But, I'm looking at another older gent. Maybe I'll have photos yet this month.
oh well, Space ghost coast to coast is on. see you later bye

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