Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"What were your top 5 accomplishments of 2006?"

I was thinking tonight about how everybody I know is planing on making a new years resolution. thats nice, but I think its better to look back and see what you did these last 12 months.


1. I still haven't taken up smoking again. and with all the stress I've been through these last few months, its a wonder!

2.I started and kept up with a hard exercise program. however, the weather hasn't cooperated one bit. I have to have snow in order to shovel and it must rain so the grass will grow and I can mow 3 or more lawns. this was a success, but also, other factors prevented me from doing it as much as I need to do it.

3. I did, after 2 years of hee hawing around, get to order the parts to put together a new computer. I could have waited a little longer, but the old computer couldn't!

4.I didn't swear as much as I thought I would ( see below list)
replace hot water heater, fix furnace, replace clothe dryer, have my dog put to sleep, my computer died, then came back to life, then died drum roll here, are we through for the year?? vcr died last night..... and now, my new computer won't fire due to memory problem.

5.I still stayed single, and didn't break any of my vows. Yeah! all three have been intact for the last 16 years! I'm a good boy.

I won't even try to make a list for next year.

but, I hope all of you have a really great New Years.

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