Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" My best buddy has left the go live with his wife!"

well, i guess when one gets married, and stays married, it's only natural that they would want to be together. He, an independent electrician, she, a college/university president. but she's been moving between different jobs while he's been here. She's been on the west coast, in Iowa, and now, Minnesota. Last night, he took off, with the faint promise of coming back in January. sob sob.. he's the guy who reintroduced me to the personal computer back in 1991.( waits a he's the jerk who got me into a hobby where I spend all my free time!) But, we've been pretty good pals over the years. I've introduced him to my friends while I've also shared some of his ( electricians, have weird friends!)

So now, no more grey van slowly pulling in front of my house. sigh....

but, he's not like gone, but with his wife. They are going to build on an island up north by the bridge, hopefully, next summer. So, now, I'll put on some anime and go surf the his honor of course. He's also the dude who introduced me to the web before it was the web. no fancy graphics just a green screen with a C:\ prompt blinking at you, waiting for a command.

enjoy the rest of your life.

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