Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Just a short trip to the Walgreens..."

I decided today was a good day to get some stuff that I had meant to get all week, but put off till now. The week was full with other things to do, and Friday, was a nothing day. 3 phone calls from politicians telling me what rotten lo-lifes their opponents were/are. and the light snow that fell last night melted. When we got to Walgreen's, I found that the really cheap paper I had found only at Walgreen's, was sold out! This is how its' been with that paper since I found it last June. Why cheap paper? Because I can print out 10 pages and it will only cost $0.39 to mail. Cheap paper is a good way to go! So looked through the entire stock of their paper: all one kind! I picked out a ream of HP inkjet. It's great paper, but its thick and 10 pages will cost first class plus additional postage. Now, I should mention, that Walgreen's seems to have a habit of changing their seasonal merchandise displays later than any other store I've been in. The aisle where the paper was on, also was bare on the entire other side of the aisle: they had just removed Halloween masks and such, and the gondola's were empty. I'm not complaining, mind you, but this is a large chain store and in my area there are about 4 or 5 other stores. They could hire and train a team to go in and clean and change the seasonal displays. Gosh knows the employee's they have at my store have their hands full just managing to clerk the customers. In the end, I didn't find the batteries I was looking for either. they only had the large 16 pack. Thats ok, but today was a 4 pack allowance. Nuts.
I got me a $1.25 Crunch Butterfinger and a plain bar. Yum. I ate one tonight while watching "Sin City". Gads, thats a great movie! I think I spotted Hugh Jackson in the film, but couldn't be sure. There are oodles of folks who are uncredited in "Sin city". Now, I'm making coffee and getting ready for .......another Friday night typing on a computer.
But, it is quiet out and it isn't snowing. That can wait till I pick up the leaves this coming week.

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