Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Ok, where were all the Trick or Treaters?'

I simply do not need all this candy. I bet we didn't have more than 20 kids, if that many. My bro thinks we had forty, but only in his dreams. now we have two bags of candy not even open, and one opened. ( the candy keeps jumping at me-I must eat candy..)
Candy good. exercise bad...bad exercise. bad...
this was a weird night. even the police monitor was quiet. What gives? and. get this, as far as I could see down the street, we were the only one to have a pumpkin!

something is going on. ( scratches head till fleas fall off)
I also managed to mend my broken computer. it seems that it was a corrupted registry file. so I ended up erasing the whole thing and then reinstalling windows xp home. But, when it came to validating the stupid thing, it failed! Even after calling and entering that stupid 100,000 place number ( thats what it felt like!) They wanted me to pay Micrsoft $35.00 per instance to get the problem mended. LOL. yeah right and I'm a mongolian skin diver! I tried all over again, and this time, after talking with the gal who probably was in India, it took.
What a night.
and exactly who programed network tv this evening? Maybe somebody should remind them it was Holloween.


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