Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"YO!!! TRICK OR TREAT you voters you!"

What a way to spend 4 days! Something, just about the time Daylight saving ended, caused my computer's CPU to load at 100%, all the time. Not good. I've been running about 53'C, and thats hot. I couldn't figure out what was causing it. so, just before I ordered the parts to make a new computer, I Nuked the hard drive and reinstalled windows xp home. presto. cpu load is where it should be. zero when its not being used.
I just discovered how much I like using computers. I may just order the parts and make up a secondary system.

wipes sweat from brow.. gads, last month this time, the water heater blew up and took part of the furnace with it. I suppose with my luck, I'll be getting a call from my girlfriend telling the good news....and I don't even have a girlfriend now!! ( all those cooties you know!)

hmm. ok, I'll slowly back out of here, and remember, be very nice to all the trick or treaters. some of them are having a real hard time in this old world now days..

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