Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"No furnace since September 30th!"

It wasn't that cold, but we've been forecasted for 29 degree weather later this week with a light dusting of s.n.o.w.
So, I used Google and found the valve I need: $189.95 plus $59.95 shipping. ok. yeah, I can see that.
I couldn't even sleep last night wondering what I was going to do about this mess. If I can't get the part, ( not availible due to vendors not wanting to stock older parts and wanting to service just what they sell) I'll have to think about replacing the whole furnace.
folks, 10 days is a long time to be without heat.
But, I was laying in bed last night and I thought of a janitor who worked on boilers and furnaces for our public school system. he's retired and I talked with him this morning. He has two of the valves! Not only that, he's coming over at 1pm to install it himself. WOW.
I'll write more a little later. off to do a little laundry.

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