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"It doesn't rain, but pours....."

Well, ain't I the little cheerie little Mother <>J$#!! The #$%# ing leak on the water heater sparyed the honeywell remote themostat, causing it to short out. no heat! Yeah!! Gosh, I love being open to life's little experiences. So now, tomorrow I get to pick out a new water heater, also schedule installation, which should cost around $512.00. Then, I get to call my heating guy, and find out what the damage is going to be for the replacement unit. We both thought it might just be the pilot light going out. It wasnt'. it's lit and is a beautiful blue flame. Oh how I wish it was much, much larger. at least till it heated our house.
Lets see. maybe I'll come and move in with one of you till this madness ends......

do you know how many anime dvd's one can buy for $512.00 ??? oh the horror...

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