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"Hey, it's a Friday night, on the first week of school...Football night.."

It's 75 degrees right now, but within a short time, we'll be down to 54. ah..wait a minute. what happened to the gradual easy does it natural way of entering into fall?? This is like a cold slap in the face. Dam, I just paid last winter's heating bills off!
Thunder, lightening and rain pouring down on the roof. "This is fall?"
I've been short on the updating this journal. I have only myself to blaime.
So, tonight, lightening or not, I'm going to clean out the old place and put some new paint on the walls and a new rug and put a pot of coffee on. ( I do have 3 cans of vanila coke left, but I think I'll save them).
ok, the hunt for new icons begins!

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