Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Wow, it sure is a hot one......."

Its about 91 over here, and it feels like a good summer day. I have been busy so far responding to a flame war over Cindy Sheeny. I received an e-mail making all kinds of slanderous accusations on what kind of person Cindy is. I went ballistic. My mom would be happy with me. I can't take any more of this " Whatever Bush says is the Gospel," and if you differ with him, your un-American". Gads, that burns me.
But, I'm cooling down now. The author has responded several times and he has displayed for all to see just how shallow an idiot he is.
I hate it when people determine their political affiliation based only what they hear on "Talk Radio".

ok, today I saw my Karates' neighbor's girlfriend move out. I'll miss both of them. He would have folks from Asia come and stay with him while in a match.
My other neighbor had an reaction to medicine, and they actually had to call the police to take him away before he hurt someone.
Then just as I was going to start writing, presto: company stopped by to just visit. gads. I love company, but I also like being alone. I'm not a hermit, I just love the silence of living once and awhile.
oh well.
I'm thinking of posting all the buttons I have so I don't have to change them every day.
hmmm. maybe tonight.

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