Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" well, Comcast just made On-Demand availible."

and I'm so confused over all the different anime titles. Wow. Almost in heaven, but not quite.
Saw a grey woodpecker outside. Wow. When I was a kid and we had trellis's on both sides of the front porch, we had humming birds, larks, wrens. Now...mostly sparrows and a hawk.

Got scared watching Lou Dobbs tonight. Is the world getting more violent, or is it just that I'm watching the news more?
Scares me though.
and now we start our hot summer period. high eighties, and low nineties. yeays... but also getting humid. I hate humid.
I've had a pretty fun week so far. Got my memory stick for my notebook. wow. are those things fast or what! and cheap. 512 megs for $22.00. I can still remember paying $275.00 for a 750 meg hard drive!
Last night I was at a club meeting and I attempted to open up a bottle of 7up. Well, my brother had been carrying that bottle around all day and it was pretty shook up by the time I got it. It blew most of the pop out and onto my pants and shirt. 7up is sticky. yuck.
oh well..

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