Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" The first yummy day of early summer....."

I just slammed my little pinkey into the door..Ouch! So much for quietly enjoying the day. The neighborhood lady across the street had a garage sale today. They had a rocking horse!. If only I lose 100 pounds and go back $#%$ years...
I've thinking that it wouldn't hurt me to go back onto my new diet. yummy salads, with oodles of garlic, onions, lettuce, red cabbage, and just about everything else that is green. ( maybe one hard boiled egg). oh yum.
I've waited all winter for this day.
and yes, I'm working on that meme thing. maybe I'll get it done tonight.
right now, our club is operating that Operation care coffee stop at one of the rest stops along the highway. one good way to help folks stay awake and also put out a donation can.
ok, back to thinking yummy thoughts.

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