Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" Well, here I am, updating with my new notebook."

It do get warm, don't they. It's a little Dell Inspiron B130. This is supposed to be just for programing the controller on our club's repeater, but I wanted to see how it felt to be "Wireless" and update LiveJournal. Kind of neat, I suppose it will be better when I can put this baby out on a nice table and start to write once again. (Thats the secrete reason I got this thing)
I guess this is ok, but I can't imagine somebody dishing out $3000.00 for a notebook. Ouch!
I'm feeling better today, but feel like I've ran a 20 mile race. gads I'm tired.
I can strongly reconmend, do not catch the flu just to lose weight. you will lose, but the way you lose it!
I think I'll go lay down again. its only 5:52pm.

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