Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

You know what I hate most in this world??? Being sick and staying sick for a couple of days!

I haven't been sick sick, in a long time. At least 5 years or so. But Thursday, when I fell out of bed, I had the Godzilla of a sore throat. oh great. another trip to the dr., a prescription I can't afford and then my tummy getting all upset because the anti-biotic destroys the stomach lining. yeah. well. this is the strange part. I gargled with salt water twice on thursday. and the sore throat went away??? I did start to get the chills a little, but otherwise, I'm just tired. Like right now. To celebrate being sick,and then strangely getting better, I ordered " The Day the Earth stood still". One of my all time favorites. Gads, that scared me silly when it first came out. My mom couldn't even look at the posters.
Oh, did I mention, it is supposed to rain for about 9 days or so. yes. just what I need. to be cooped up with my brother and my sick neighbor across the street, who is probably the one who gave me this in the first place. She's a 3rd grade teacher. She is almost scared to go to work! It is a violent world now days. Even for grade school it would seem.

I'll write later today after I get up. oodles to tell you. about two neighbor ladies who think I'm sweet. ( move feet, move!!!!)
see, I'm feeling better just thinking of you all.

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