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" Hey, take a wift of must be an election year...."

Well, today was a pretty good day. I paid the Gas bill. Natural gas that is. All $181.95 of it. Thats just for February. You know, the month that was warm over here??? But its done.
I'm looking for a laptop. I need to do some on site programming and carrying around a desktop just isn't too hot ( besides being really heavy!).
Then I looked at the prices. Dell has one for $459.00. with a 90 day warranty. Should I walk or run away from that one?? oh well.
On the home front. My dog Odie is ok. The missing hair is just that. He either caught it on something, or some critter pulled it off. But he's ok. We watched Narvy(?) tonight, or tried to. Odie has a habit of trying to talk with every animal that appears on the TV. Tonight, he couldn't make up his mind if to go after the speakers or the screen.. LOL. Dogs, got to love them!
Now back to petting Odie and thanking him for protecting us from.....

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