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Saint Patricks Day....GO GREEN!!!

Ah, begorem..Mike and myself, are lifting a few pints to celebrate Saint Paddy's great achievement: He drove all the republicans out of Ireland and back to the USA where they belong. now its a new tune we're piping..

enought. Gads, I can sure make an ass out of myself quick. and, in a very few words too. see, there is a benefit to getting a college education.

I've been busy worrying about how to pay the bills: seems I have about $10.00 to pay $50.00 worth of bills.. hmmmmmm.
it'll come to me.

Now, on with the green and go out and lift a few. But don't be driving a horseless carriage afterwards. The Constable will be out in force ( all three of them. Pat is sitting right next to me. He'll be buying the next round!)

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