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"Momoko Kochi 1932-1998"...Gojira's favorite Emiko Yamane, passes away...

Boy, do I ever feel like a horses #@$. I was looking around for information on when they'll release the 1954 version of Gojira, when sad to say, I found out that Momoko Kochi has passed away. Eight years ago!
Momoko created the role of Emiko Yamane in Inoshiro Honda's "Gojira".
Forty years later, she would bring a twinkle to my eye when I saw her re-create Emiko Yamane in "Gojira vs. Desutoroia" ( Godzilla vs. destroyer) in 1995. It was to be her last film role before she died from cancer.
With the passing of the writer/producer last year or the year before, I believe this means the entire cast is gone.

Lets all join Gojira as he lowers his massive head in honor of Momoko Kochi.

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