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Please......Let this be a nice month...

Ah, February 1st. God, I can't take another January. It started out nice, with about 9 inches of snow on the ground and it all melted away last week. It's been 50 degrees and sunny! yuck. But last night and tonight, ah, my dream come true. No, not some hot babe. S.N.O.W.! about 8 inched of it and two more storms are forecast. Everything was closed today, including our airport. So, whats on TV??? I say, it just isn't fair! DVD player, here I come! No more taping anime. I want the real, complete stuff.
I've got put finally spread out my dogs ashes. gosh, my backyard is getting full of critters.
Now, I'm off ( almost, I can feel it coming) to pay the bills.

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