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LJ Interests meme results

  1. art:
    "The absolute best the Human Heart can conceive."
  2. carl rogers:
    What can I say. A man who traveled a vast distance only to find out that what he was seeking was right under his nose.
  3. college:
    Learning, studying, attending lectures and labs are the best. You never know how much of yourselve your going to challenge and you always come away better than you were before.
  4. counseling:
    To participate with another human being, the journey they want/need to take to look at past and present experiences, and feel them heal themselves and become something, better, is beyond words.
  5. dragonball z:
    What can I say. I still have the crumpled paper that lists all of the Dragonball Z characters on it. A friend actually wrote out all their names and their relationships to each other. I looked over that piece of paper many times waiting in Doctors' offices. Bulma does have a cute butt! Goku can be really stupid at times....
  6. girls:
    There is about a million things I could say about "girls". But what I have come to believe is " Man is God's will in this world, while Woman, is Gods' being." A nice thought. Now if only we'd treat each other accordingly...
  7. humand sexual behavior:
    It will always amaze me that something we feel so strongly about, we also feel so much shame about. Its crazy. Eating, sleeping, talking, sex, love...
  8. learning:
    The greatest thing I have ever learned is how much I don't could fill the world...
  9. reading.:
    I love reading. EVERYTHING. Right now, the Lurker has gently, ( LOL) convinced me to read Harry Potter. I will, am. Good for you.
  10. school:
    It was always fun to go to school. The friends you met, the encouragement you got from at first, your teachers, then your peers, and if you stayed in college long enough, your self.

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