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My dog finally got home.....

Wow, if somebody would have told me how fucked up things could possibly get just within 3 weeks, I should have thought them mad. January 3rd, my dog was to be cremated. No big deal, I've used this place two times before, same routine: pick up dog, cremate him, place remains in urn and then return him to owner. Simple. If they are going to be late ( 7 days )they will call me. That was 3 weeks ago. Monday, I thought I'd better check. Hey, things do happen and I'm an easy go lucky kind of person. I called my vet since I couldn't find the crematorium's numbers: oh, they said, we have your dog right here. The idiots at the cremation place had performed the service 4 days after picking him up. I asked why they dropped him off there? Oh, they didn't know where to deliver him! ok... That was Monday. Tuesday, my neighbor took off half a days work to drive me to the vets to pick up my dogs remains (I'm sure by now, Yogi, my dog, wanted to come home,,finally) I don't dive due to this rotten arthritis I've got that makes me look like the bell ringer in Hunchback of Notre, Dame! So about 11:00am, I wake up and go potty. I go back to bed and spot something out of the corner of my eye. Somebody had returned my dogs urn to me. They put it about 5 inches from my front door. If I hadn't of spotted it when I did, I would have knocked it over when I would have gone out to get the mail. I called my vet, "Oh, our accountant dropped him off!" I wish it ended there. 3 days later, I get an e-mail at 10pm telling me that the next samoyed dog I was going to get next week was given to somebody else! Yeah! Hey, I love this stuff. " Please....give me some more!"
Oh, Wednesday I went to the doctors and I'm on antibiotics for a nasty nasal infection. ( this dr. told me the test came back, I'm not pg! at least one thing came off right. Even though I'm a man.
I'm going to bed. where's my teddy bear???

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