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"The TEN books that have influenced me the most......"

Well, the list could change, couldn't it? I mean, there are some really great reads out there..... I actually spent time thinking this one over. Most of them kind of jumped out at me, so I know they do mean something special to me.

So here goes......

1. The Bible.
As I got older, I started to pick the book up and read it. Surprise! It talked about events and human nature 7000 years ago that we're confronted with today, but the Book has the extreme wisdom to point out the folly that we get ourselves into. I think Jobe is almost my favorite book. He is so darn human, but he sticks to his guns. Of course, I did benefit from actually hearing the Bible being read on cassette, tape. Boy, now that was a trip! If you want oodles of Surprises, listen to somebody read the Bible.
How has that Book influenced me? This is what I have drawn from reading the Bible..... " To Love, Nurture and GIVE LIFE..". Now there is a motto worth trying to put into practice. To give life. Wow, what an concept.

2. My own Auto-Biography.
Now I know this must sound most vain. It isn't, I'm talking about the BOOK we all have in our heads from life's experiences. The choices we have made, that we were presented with, the events in life and how we've experienced them.
I call this a book, cause I'm, and I hope all of you are also, thinking of actually putting pen to paper some day and share what life has meant to you. This influences me cause it's my life. .

3. Jean Piaget's theory of equilibration. Forget Freud. Nuts to Skinner! It's Piaget's theory of how we adapt to our environment, and its experiences. The first time I read this book, it was like getting a slap of cold water across my face! The proverbial light bulb flashing over my head. This was the baby I wanted to go and do my dissertation on, and further!
Piaget's theory simply offers a theory, based on observing life organisms, how we adapt and evolve into more knowledgeable people. His theories on education were one of the foundations of education in this country.

4. Carl Roger's Client Centered Therapy. This is the clinical psychological tool that helps to demonstrate, in my opinion, what Piaget presented in his work. In the 60's and later, this therapeutic model was used in crisis center hotlines and in small groups. If you've ever had the honor to participate in a CCT situation, you know not all the money in the world can buy the feeling you get/have when you see, feel, a person who is in pain, accept and deal with the situation and finally, move through the event.
Its simply a very joyous experience.

5. Kurt Vonneguts "Breakfast of Champions". My neighbors still remember the Years, when they would catch me rocking on my front porch, laughting out loud, while reading this book! Its one of those books that keeps it power, read after read after read. When I started college, I thought this book should be required reading for American History majors. LOL. It still has the kick.

6.P.S. Your cat is dead. I can't remember the author, but man, this is another one of those books that will have the tears flowing out of you, because of laughter! Remember the line, Tossed salad...LOL.

7.Fritz Capra's The turning Point. This non-fiction book knocked the wind out of me, when he suggested that what we believe to be science, is not what the universe is really like. The end of the scientific model, as we know it. faster than light speed, he doesn't have a complete answer, but he sure did come up with a great question.

8.All of the Harry Potter books! I could have put P.D. James or even Sir Arthur Connan Doyle, but Potter won out. The stories are great, they get you to want to read more! No small trip with writing. Besides, thinking about a single mom, sitting at a outside cafee, writing chapters of Harry just has a real life romantic feel to it. Good for her.

9. IT. by Stephan King. I actually read this book 4 times withing 8 months. More than he did, I dare say. King, at his best, captures real characters, and gets you involved in what is going on with them. To heck with the horror, its the human drama that always will keep me coming back.
and besides, to see any writer become successful is a real treat.

10. number will have to wait. Its a tie right now.

well, now that was interesting, for me at least. I think I actually know a little bit more about myself from doing this.
Thanks Bunnnnnyyy

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