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"Comcast 3, me 1"

By golly, its almost worked out. It took from June 2nd to now, but my last bill from them is ......still wrong!! Now they're charging me 6 bucks less. Lets see, there is a tooth fairy, Santa Claus is resting up for christmas and some day, Comcast will get my bill right...While I'm young I hope...
Now on to a serious note, "Should I invest in Dreamweaver or not?" Whooose suggested that it would be worth the effort, and I have to agree, macromedia has certainly done some great things lately with their flash and dreamweaver. Whats bringing this on is the up coming release of Dreamweaver 8. There are several places that actually have specials on dreamweaver. ( this must be before Adobe purchased the company-they want to dump the old stuff)
well, got a while to think this one through.
enjoy the week end.

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