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"Comcast Strikes again...."

The continuing saga of poor ancientone, who really only wants to view two or three cable shows ( cartoon network, AZN and the military channel) but has come face to face with......COMCAST.

In this episode, our hero, ancientone, gets his second bill from comcast. yeah. He eagerly opens it up only to find out they still haven't put the right service on his account. The $44.96, thats with tax, has creeped up to a whopping $107.95. Oh, they also billed him , MONTHLY, I might add, for the second remote they sent him. Ancientone, armed with righteous indignation, calls the billing dept. BIG MISTAKE. do you want , press 1, 2, 3, or 4 for main menu. I, ah...would like to speak to a , sorry, thats not a recognized selection. Okay dokay.
for the sake of moving the story line forward, half an hour later, the operator doesn't have the foggiest idea what promotion ancientone is talking about. she's never heard it. but, she will contact her Superior( I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole) and get back to me.

so, our poor hero is about to decided if its not better just to read The Lurkers stories and be done with it.. after all, he's for free......


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