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"Just another schools out, Saturday night!"

Well, actually, I've been thinking about going on with my education. Its just the where, how much and how much time am I willing to invest questions that I need to ponder. I had my nurse friend stop over and he showed me the art he displayed today. Pretty good stuff. But $250.00 and up?? I suppose. He isn't interested in anime. Now thats a shame. Well, its official they just put the add up on the internet. $109,000.00 LOLROFLMAO. oh brother! This baby didn't cost more than $21,000.00 to build 75 years ago. what, did the bricks turn into gold?? But not to worry. I counted no less than 24 houses for sale in a neighborhood where it was expected than you would raise your family here, and even die here But not any more. My neighborhood used to mirror the United Nations.
I guess, I should go soak in the tub. My arthritis is acting up something fierce tonight. yuck.
Maybe I'll watch Shadow Skill, or Gunsmith cats when I get out. hmmmm

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